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Our Story

Hi! I’m Cierra and I love creating maps and guides of my favourite places around London and beyond! 

I have lived in London since 2013 (NW6!) and am so glad I get to call it home. I love all that London has to offer. I can’t get enough of the food, history, culture, events, theatre, shopping, and beautiful buildings and gardens everywhere. It’s no wonder people fall in love with London.

I created London Block by Block as a way to organize my favourite things about London. I wanted to create guides that were fun to look at but also provide helpful information. Every map I create starts with an idea, it might be where are the best pancakes in London? What are my favourite places to go to in Marylebone? What are the best bookstores in London? From there I research and curate a list to create a useful guide. Then the fun part begins as I interpret the list into an illustrated map. The combination of utility and design produces a beautiful map that allows people to create memorable experiences.  

Humans have been using maps for thousands of years as we have no choice but to experience the world spatially. When we look at a map, we can make sense of our surroundings, we intuitively understand the relationship between where we are and where we want to go. The joy of creating my maps is that they are artistic and lovely to look at but also offer functionality and utility. I think this is why so many people are drawn to maps. Maps help up make sense of the world around us, and all the better if it leads to a hidden corner of London or a delicious bakery.  

I hope you find some inspiration regardless of whether you are a just visiting London or are a local.

xx Cierra