Unfolding Oxford: A Wanderer's Map and Guide

Unfolding Oxford: A Wanderer's Map and Guide


With well over 900 years of history visiting Oxford is like stepping back in time. Oxford is an absolutely stunning city that is very walkable and an easy day trip from London. Take your pick of things to do from touring college grounds, visiting world-class museums, browsing one of the best bookstores there is, and seeing one of the oldest libraries in Europe. Here are some of my favourite things to see in Oxford:


Bodleian Library- One of the oldest libraries in Europe, if you only do one thing in Oxford it should be touring this library. All tours are guided and tickets are required. It is honestly one of the most spectacular libraries and I would say it ranks high on my favourite things I’ve seen in England.

 Radcliffe Camera- Probably the most iconic building in Oxford, enjoy its beautiful symmetry as you walk from the Bodleian to St. Mary’s Church. Enjoy some tea and cake at Vaults and Gardens, a charming cafe set in the 14th century part of the church.

 Bridge of Sighs- Another stunning Oxford landmark. Located opposite the Bodleian pass under it and take a quick left through St. Helen’s Passage to charming Turf Tavern for a bike to eat or a drink.

 Blackwell’s Bookshop- Don’t let the facade fool you, this bookshop just goes on and on. Anytime we visit Oxford we somehow manage to spend at least two hours perusing the shelves. A must visit.

 Ashmolean Museum- Housing a collection of items ranging from prehistoric to present day there, there is everything from impressionist paintings to mummies and just about everything in between.

 Museum of Natural History- From dinosaurs to dodo’s this museum is stunning in both curation and architecture. Be sure not to miss the Pitt Rivers Museum located within the main museum.

 Oxford Botanical Gardens - Established in 1621 it is the UK’s oldest botanical garden and boasts over 5000+ species.

 Saxon Tower- One of the oldest building in Oxford (build around 1000), you can climb to the top and get a lovely view of the surrounding city.

Christ Church- One of the most visited colleges at Oxford, and it is no wonder. It is stunning and the self-guided tour takes you through the cathedral, dining hall, and lovely gardens.

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