Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns

With Easter only a few weeks away all the bakeries are full of delicious hot cross buns. Whether you are looking for traditional or a bit more avent-garde there is something to please everyone when it comes to hcb’s.


Here are some of my favourite places to get these delicious Easter treats.


1. St. John’s Bakery- A real classic.

2. Gail’s Bakery- So delicious, and you can get a bacon HCB sandwich so double win.

3. Bread Ahead- Fluffy texture and amazing flavour that sticks to the HCB traditional roots.

4. Fortnum & Mason- Out there flavours, but I loved the goat cheese and fig HCB.

5. Dominque Ansel- Perfectly spiced and delicious.

6. Fortitude Bakehouse- Basically like eating a delicious pillow of yumminess.

7. Lyle’s- Have it toasted with butter for the ultimate treat.

8. Honey & Co- A HCB filled with cardamon and orange marsapone? Yes, please.

9. Little Bread Pedlar- Get one if you can!

10. The Modern Pantry- Can you guess their secret ingredient? It gives their buns a little kick.

11. Pophams- They make theirs with leftover croissant dough. Need I say more.

12. Melrose and Morgan- A lovely HCB.

Bonus: My favourite supermarket HCB are the mini chocolate hot cross buns from M&S. They are so so good!


Are you a traditionalist when it comse to hot cross buns, or do you like having a variety of flavours?  

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