Haunted London

Haunted London

With 2000 years of history, London is bound to have some skeletons in the closet. Crypts, cemeteries, churches, mummies, and more. Here are my favourite spooky corners and haunted haunts to get you in the Halloween spirit.


The Cafe in the Crypt at St. Martin in the Fields

is exactly what its name describes, a cafe in the crypt of the church. It is a hauntingly beautiful setting for a cafe. With tables and chairs scraping over old headstones and low arched ceilings, you can enjoy a spooky setting while also having a delicious meal or dessert.


The Crypt Gallery

is a crypt turned art gallery. This crypt was used for coffin burials, which have now all been removed, leaving a wonderful, if not slightly creepy, exhibition space.


Hyde Park Pet Cemetery

located behind the lodge at Victoria gate is a hidden pet cemetery. Dating back to the victorian era over 1000 pets have been buried here. It is rarely open to the public and can only be accessed by guided tour.


Kensal Green Cemetery

was the first commercial cemetery in London. The oldest parts of the cemetery have some absolutely stunning monuments and mausoleums.


Highgate Cemetery

boasts some of the most beautiful gravestones and monuments in London. The abundance of trees and overgrown hedges add to the spooky atmosphere.


Paddington Old Cemetery has a beautiful chapel that is slowly falling into disrepair. Keep an eye out for the honey bees as there is an apiary on the grounds where Tombstone Honey is produced.


Grade I listed Brompton Cemetery

has a stunningly beautiful chapel and rich history. Walk the pathways and enjoy the wildlife and greenery.


Westminster Abbey

is the final resting ground for seventeen British monarchs and a gothic masterpiece. Filled with almost a century of history it is a must visit place.


The graveyard at Hampstead Parish Church

was the setting in Dracula where the undead Lucy Westenra was placed in her vault by Van Helsing and Dr Seward. It is not hard to imagine vampires walking through this graveyard with its overgrown corners and weathered tombs.


The Wellcome Collection

one of London’s spookier museums is . Its collection explores medical history and human nature. The gift shop here is also worth checking out.


Sir John Soane’s Musuem

feels like you are walking into the magical world of Harry Potter. John' Soane’s collection has remained almost untouched in the 180 years since his death and is an eclectic assortment of sculptures, art, a memorial to the family dog, and the sarcophagus of the Egyptian pharaoh Seti I.


Hampton Court

has several resident ghosts, one of them being Catherine Howard, Henry VIII's fifth wife. Liverpool Street and Charter House Square were both plaque pits. I’d love to know your favourite haunted or spooky corner of London.

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