Let Me Introduce Myself

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hej Hej!I’m Cierra and I’ve lived in London with my husband Ben for five years. We welcomed our first child, a baby girl named Clementine Fleur, last November. I love this city and we have made it our home.


I started this blog because I wanted to share my favourite places and pockets of London with you. London is a very walkable city with history and charm everywhere you look and I want to share that history and charm with you. So if you are looking for delicious, fun, and interesting things  to do in London this is the place for you.


As way of introducing myself I thought I would tell you about some of my favourite places and things in London.


How would you spend a free Saturday in London?

When I have a free Saturday my favourite thing to do is go to Hampstead Heath. I love walking through the park with my family and enjoying the forest feel of the trails. The park is so large it never feels crowded. We like to take the bus or overground there and then meander home. On our way home we generally stop for lunch at The Wells Tavern, Jin Kinchi, or Hampstead Creperie. I love to wander through the shops on Hampstead High Street and we always stop at Roni’s and grab some bagels to snack on later.


Favourite local Cafe?

My favourite local cafe to go to is Hart and Lova. It is the tiniest little cafe that has the most delicious bread and treats. They bake everything on site and it is all delicious. My favoruite thing to get is their pan au chocolat. It is honestly better than any pan au chocolat I’ve had in Paris, and even better than the ones at the fancy bakeries here in London. Whenever I have guests staying I always go there in the morning and get a bag full of croissants and pan au chocolate for breakfast. On the weekends they sell the most delicious rosemary focaccia and we get it almost every week. It really is a hidden treasure that is only a few minutes from our flat.


Favourite Dessert?

My favourite dessert in London is ice cream from Udderlicious. I absolutely love their ice cream and sorbets. I tell everyone about Udderlicious and I mean everyone. One time I was doing a boxfit class and another class member and I were walking to the tube afterwards making small talk. When she told me she lived in Islington I asked if she had been to Udderlicious. She had never even heard of it. I spend the rest of our journey talking about how delicious it was and how she had to go. I take anyone who visits me here as well, and if you are lucky, I take you multiple times. My favourite flavours are the dark chocolate sea salt sorbet and the black sesame. But honestly you can’t go wrong with your flavour choice.


Where would you spend a free hour?

If I am in central London and have some extra time I love walking through Liberty. This is my dream department store. A huge haberdashery section with the most beautiful fabrics along with all the other amenities a department store should offer. I get the majority of my make-up, perfume, and skin care from Liberty. It is truly a magical store and well worth browsing if you ever find yourself nearby.


Favourite day trip from London?

My favourite day trip from London is Bath. I have been so many times and I would happily go today if someone wanted to go. The history of the town is incredible and there is charm every which way you look. The number of delicious restaurants and cafes, as well as wonderful shopping make it the perfect place to spend a day.


Favourite Date Night?

My favourite date nights with my husband are when we go to a museum late. All the museums have an evening where they are open later and they are often less crowded, or have special talks or activities going on. 


Favourite Art Museum?

My favourite museum is the Tate Britain. Some of my favourite paintings are here and it is never crowded. The building is stunning and the collection is not overwhelmingly big so you can easily see the entire collection in an afternoon.


Favourite book set in London?

Currently my favourite book set in London is Call the Midwife: A True Story of the East End in the 1950’s. I read the trilogy a few years back for a book club and then watched all the TV series last year while I was pregnant with my daughter. Jennifer Worth’s writing is charming and the stories give incredible insight into post war London and the brand new NHS.


And that's a little about me and my favourite things :) 

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